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Biotal Marine Products

MDS 3000

Biological toilet cleaner and black water pipe treatment.

MDS-PAK 3000

Biological additive for marine sewage treatment plants.

AR 3000 BW

Alternative to strong acids black water descaling.

GW 3000

Prevents build up and odours in grey water storage tanks.

GT 3000

Keeps galley drains free lowing and odour free.

Ecoclean 3000

Bilge friendly dilutable engine room cleaner.


Non-acid separator cleaner that gives excellent results at low temperatures.

AR 3000 PE

Alternative to strong acids for de-scaling of process equipment.

Zaal Products

Low Foaming Laundry Detergent

Biodegradable, made of natural ingridients, non-foaming, superior performance, no illers, phosphates, and no unnecessary additives.

NoFlex Digestor Sewage Treatment

An environmentally safe choice, containing no organic chemicals, perfumes, or solvents and producing no toxic byproducts. Instantly neutralizes odors, liquefies anaerobic sludge, does not harm pipe, lawns or greenery.

"Eco Orange" Eco Friendly Parts Cleaner

Eco Orange formula is a strong natural solvent based solution with water softeners and biodegradable surfactants to rip through dirt, grease and oil. It is a non-abrasive medium duty multi-purpose cleaner.

"Citro-Solve" Super Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser Adhesive Remover

Citro-Solve is a 100% replacement for Pro Solve. A solvent base mix of 50% D limonene and 50% denatured petroleum base solvent

Sea Solve Salt & Hard Water Rinse Air

Sea Solve is a Canadian made water-based, non-hazardous, biodegradable solution, that dissolves, releases and removes salt Ions from any hard surface. Protects against corrosion and reduce costly repairs caused by salt.